AWG elects its first board of directors

5 May 2018 | The Association of Artisanal Winemakers of Greece (AWG) was established with the main aim of assisting the development and strengthening of small wineries.

The member companies joined together as AWG on 4 April 2018 with a vision to help strengthen the role of small winemakers in Greece. Artisanal Wineries of Greece is an association of family-run wineries with excellent raw materials and small vintages, guided by their stubborn commitment to quality, their authentic bond with the Greek vineyard, and their passion for the grape and wine.

AWG aims to acquaint consumers and wine professionals better with the country’s small wineries, which constitute the backbone of Greek winemaking. The goal is to unite the strengths of artisanal winemakers, young and old, who share our vision of producing quality wines that reflect the unique terroirs, grape varieties and traditions of the Greek vineyard – to meet the challenges of the markets together, in order to bring our quality wines to winelovers around the world.

The idea of ​​creating a small winery association was born in 2017, when a group of winemakers envisioned the further spread of Greek wine and its vineyard, with the aim of highlighting the Greek terroir, varieties and wines.


To achieve its mission, AWG:
– Designs and implements actions to promote and highlight quality Greek wine.
– Contributes effectively to the development of the Greek wine sector by being a reliable interlocutor between the business world, policy-makers, scientific and research organizations as well as relevant institutions.
– Monitors, studies, analyzes and makes suggestions on issues related to the winemaking sector.
– Disseminates know-how to young wine growers and producers setting out to bottle the colors and aromas of the Greek vineyard.

On Monday, April 16, 2018, the first General Meeting of AWG was held, during which the first elections for the Board of Directors were held.

The composition of the first Board of Directors is:

President: Thanos Dougos – Dougos Winery

Vice-President: Yiannis Papargyriou – Papargyriou Winery

Secretary: Katerina Bosinaki – Bosinaki Winery

Treasurer: Apostolos Thimiopoulos – Terra Olympus Winery

Board Member: Lefteris Digenakis – Digenakis Winery

Board Member: Nicos Petrakopoulos – Petrakopoulos Wines

Board Member: Konstantinos Pyrgakis – Pyrgakis Winery