Welcome to the Artisanal Wineries
of Greece.

Artisanal Wineries of Greece is an association of family-run wineries with excellent raw materials and small vintages, guided by their stubborn commitment to quality, their authentic bond with the Greek vineyard, and their passion for the grape and wine.

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Our goal…

… is to unite the strengths of artisanal winemakers, young and old, who share our vision of producing quality wines that reflect the unique terroirs, grape varieties and traditions of the Greek vineyard – to meet the challenges of the markets together, in order to bring our quality wines to winelovers around the world.

The idea…

… Artisanal Wineries of Greece (AWG) was established in 2017 with the main aim of assisting in the development and strengthening of small artisanal wineries.

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    Contact information

    3 Papazoglou str, 17778 Tavros // Athens

    +30 6971 971864

    Contact Person: Eleni Arapoglou