Sclavos wines

The Sclavos family, with origins from Domata in Kefalonia, is a family of sailors with privately owned merchant ships.


Around 1860, our great-grandfather Evriviadis was the director of a large vinaria, a family-owned business in Odessa. In the years that followed, specifically in 1919 after the Russian revolution of 1917, grandfather Evriviadis returned to Kefalonia where he planted the first vines on his private estate (5 hectares) in the area of ​​Kechriontis Pallis near Laskaratos Hill.


Beginning in 1990, two generations later, we have carefully renovated the old vineyard with the special care of our father Spyros. We cultivate the varieties of Mavrodaphne of Kefalonia and Vostilidi ,using the biodynamic-hemodynamic method. The property is within the boundaries of the Mavrodaphne cultivation zone in the Pallis area and has been certified by DIO (Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products) for 20 years. The hemodynamic method involves use of the calendar for the application of cultivation practices and rituals, the use of hemodynamic formulations, the strengthening of the soil-plant-environment system, and the opening up of positive universal influences.


Production is characterized by small crop yields of about 4000 kilos per hectare, due to ungrafted vines, planting pattern and the age of the vines (average age of 70 years). This, combined with the characteristics of the soil, formed on limestone bedrock, creates the conditions for the excellent quality of the region’s grapes. But more important than the above is the fact that the vineyard is not uniform but interspersed with forest, olive groves and fallow areas. The soil in the vineyards and other cultivated areas, due to the biodynamic methods used, hosts a large number of earthworms that contribute to soil fertility and the general functioning of the fields.


Sclavos wines

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