Manousakis Winery

“Nostos”, from the Greek of Homer’s day, expresses a yearning to return, memories of cherished friends; love of homeland and of one’s roots…nostalgia. The philosophy at Manousakis Winery is simple; they carefully cultivate their vines to allow them to absorb the unique aromas and essence of the Cretan Terroir. Each grape cluster is filled with distinctive character, capturing, and preserving the incredible Lefka Ori mountains in each bottle of their Nostos Wines & letting nature speak. That is what they are all about.


This exemplary 13-hectare winery produces 120.000 bottles of wine per year, featuring 12 different labels; 11 of which are under the brand name “Nostos”.


From the outset, Ted Manousakis felt that organic farming was the only way to show respect for nature and the environment. All of their vines are organically cultivated to this day.


The three small flowers on the logo are called “Manousakia”, from which the family name is derived and are symbolic of his three daughters, from which the youngest, Alexandra has now taken over to continue the vision of the company. The varieties vinified by this extraordinary winery are: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Roussanne, Muscat of Spina, Vidiano, Assyrtiko and Romeiko.


This winery welcomes visitors to its tasting terrace from all over the world. You can tour the state-of-the-art facilities, taste their new vintages, take part in a cooking seminar or enjoy a traditional Cretan lunch or dinner at the restaurant on the winery grounds.


They offer a wine tasting experience that is unforgettable.


Manousakis Winery
Vatolakkos, 73005 Chania, Crete

+30 28210 78787