Domaine Foivos

Domaine Foivos is one of the oldest wineries operating in Greece. It is the historical continuation of the Mantzavino Winery, which starred in the past two centuries in the world of wine, and has made Greek wine known internationally.


Domaine Foivos vineyard and its varieties are identified with the Homeric vineyard of Cephalonia, because the Cephallenians, from the time of writing the epics of Odyssey and Iliad, knew how to cultivate vines and produce wines, which perfectly matched -according to the descriptions of the epic- with those produced today by Foivos winery.


All the vines of the estate are autochthon, own-rooted, prior to phylloxera, with present age 80 years old.


Domaine Foivos specializes exclusively in the indigenous Greek varieties local to Cephalonia:
Muscat – the grapes are dried in the sun to produce the PDO Muscat Cephalonia dessert wine, the incomparable “Stalactite”.
Muscatel (Moschatella) – in single-variety vinification
Robola – a noble, cosmopolitan variety with complexity of flavor and acidity, producing Domaine Foivos’ PDO wines “Black Label Robola” and “Barcarola”.
Tsaousi – contributing strongly to the popular Domaine Foivos wines “Asfothelos”, “Pandrosos” and “Antidote”.
Vostilidi, also called Goustolidi or Augoustoulidi (one of the oldest indigenous varieties of Greece). In its single-variety version, due to its tannins and its distinctive acidity, it is compared to the biggest wines of the Greek vineyard.
Mavrodaphne – a velvety red variety, which in its dry version becomes Domaine Foivos “Daphne-Daphne”, and in its sweet version the PDO wines “Methyse” and “Antiope”, which are two of the best Greek wines, according to their very high ratings in Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate (95/100 & 94/100 respectively).
Theiako and Araklino – two primordial red varieties, which contribute decisively to the Domaine Foivos reds “Myesis” and “Methysforos”.


The following wines have been also added the last years to the production of Domaine Foivos:
In 2015, “Rhapsody” (dry Mavrodaphne), the first in ancient way – following a mixture of ancient recipes – experimental vinification of Mavrodaphne in “amphoras”. Rhapsody bottles are aged in three ways: in the cellar (Rhapsody cellar), in special cement tanks of the winery-like aquarium- covered with fresh water (Rhapsody underwater), and at the bottom of the sea (Rhapsody submerged undersea).


In 2016/17, the wines “41”, “47”, “42” (white, rosé and red wines), combining all known indigenous Greek varieties from the vineyards of Domaine Foivos in eastern Cephalonia.


In 2016/2017/2018, the wines “Nautilus” (white, rosé and red); A part of Nautilus bottles, matured also submerged under fresh water, in the special tanks of the winery under controlled conditions.


The winery uses gentle methods of viticulture and principles of biodynamic farming.


 A special feature of Foivos winery is the aging of wines under water: Since 2016 the winery started experimental searches of the maturing of wine under water, by immersing bottles for aging in the sea. At the same time, it applies another one innovative method of aging and maturing wines, by submerging bottles under fresh water, in special tanks of the winery, allowing the wine to mature and complete under absolute conditions of constant temperature, darkness and absence of oxygen!


The winery has a pleasant tasting and sales area, and a Wine Museum with Amphoras and an exhibition with copies of ancient drinking vessels and photographs of ancient wine vessels.


It is located in Vouni of Lixouri (leaving Mantzavinata village and heading to Havriata village), almost at the entrance of the village and opposite the church of Agios Dimitrios.


Domaine Foivos

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